A Serial Abductor stole from the Serenado family the whole supply of their favourite cheese called Serenada! Where did he hide it? This question was asked to all the participants of SERIAL ABDUCTOR competition. The action was based on a complex advertising campaign: TV spot, outdoor and digital. The competition was a great success and the stolen Serenada cheese was given back to its owner.

Serenada 10 litres

How many litres of milk are there in every kilogram of the yellow cheese? Six, eight or maybe nine? The Serenada cheese consists of 10 litres of milk, as the real yellow cheese should. Everybody who saw the advertising campaign called “10 LITRES” knows it already. And you could see it outdoor and online.

Serenada Cheesemaker’s Treasures

Real treasures need time to gain value. So as the first Polish long-ageing cheese – Skarby Serowara.  Time is its ally. It makes it taste even better. And we make it look so good. We have prepared an exclusive catalogue, series of press ads and POS materials for Skarby Serowara brand.