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We are
brand friendly

Welcome to Schulz, a strategic and creative agency from Krakow, Poland, which has always implemented a brand friendly idea. What does it mean? Thorough understanding of Clients’ needs and effective communication – we always listen carefully, we make in-depth analyses and we ask questions to have no doubts. We care. We build relations. We treat other people and their valuable brands in the way we want to be treated. We offer helping hands, creative minds and… open hearts.

We provide support at every step

We work for well-known and recognised brands, skillfully consolidating and promoting their images. In case of brands which are already on the market and want to start their ATL adventure, we advise on how to achieve the best results. We help the new ones to have a successful beginning. We provide our expertise to all our Clients. We train and support at every step, every day. And it makes us happy. We feel needed and appreciated – we feel proud every time a Client decides to choose us.


We have the knowledge and we want to share it

We help brands at every stage of their advertising adventure. We can answer all the questions and we can find the best solution for every situation.


Always in the Right Direction

Our strategy department makes thorough research on consumers’ needs and motivations, it works on brand optimization and shows the right approach to creative teams.


We love creating – it is probably the most enjoyable part of our work.

Long hours of creative meetings and brainstorming during which we are steaming with ideas and constantly flipping new inspirations. In the centre of our attention – the brand for which we are working. And for which we always find an original method. A method which is both spectacular and effective, because we never lose sight of the most important aspect – we have to be sure that the ideas we create will make the investment pay off.

The triumph of form over substance? Not in our case.


The Internet within reach

Digital is a strong element of our campaigns.

Nothing of that which is digital is alien to us. Social media, influencer marketing, e-commerce, UX, content marketing… All these notions are the components of the campaigns we organise.

We carefully watch new technologies and we offer creative online campaigns.

We know how to reach the particular target groups.

Public relations

We create a positive brand perception

We know what to do to make others talk widely about a brand or a campaign.

We examine it very closely and we select the tools which will built the brand awareness and positive image.

Our Clients

Selected Awards

Clients’ satisfaction is the most important

Every prize and citation is like delicious icing on the cake for our advertising work.